In 2011 I set up EquiSci, a business with a spotlight on evidence-based knowledge. I started looking towards science within equitation practices after meeting International Rider and Behaviourist Dr Andrew McLean in 2004. I have developed as a rider, trainer and coach because of Dr McLean’s mentoring, working together for over a decade offering all stages of rider access to the science of how horses learn throughout the UK. EquiSci is all about accessibility. This drives and improves me. Applying the latest research in Equitation Science to key change agents; universities, colleges, charities, professional riders and International studs has seen exponential interest and growth in Equation Science. Click HERE to learn more about EquiSci clinics, or hear what clients past and present have to say about what I do and how I do it. My unique lens means you receive knowledge and skills from a coach who values research, critical thinking and analysis within a growing field known as Equitation Science. Combine my thirst for evidence-based knowledge with the determination and courage to embrace ‘out of comfort’, and you will get the results you always dreamed.

I specialise in coaching competitive and non competitive riders;children and adults, all motivated to be the best they can be. You are either ‘winning or learning’, developing your skills as a rider to change your horses behaviour using the science of how horses learn, combined with the latest in sports psychology, biomechanics, and rider fitness.

I value support, providing you with the confidence to embrace behavioural change in you and your horse, acknowledging and celebrating success equally important as learning.

I understand the processes necessary in changing behaviour. From our small daily habits of how we mount as riders to the small daily habits that enhance our health and well-being. I believe understanding behaviour is vital in improving and changing, if you want to be the best version of you. I will help you learn to identify and act on opportunities within adversity, getting the results you always dream of achieving.

Being able to do what I ask of others is very important to me as a coach and in all aspects of life. That is why during a training session I offer you the opportunity for me to ride your horse, giving you feedback throughout your horses stage of learning, treating his learning deficits and changing his way of going for his stage of training. You are invited to video and ask questions, remounting to feel and practice the changes.  I value questions. Lots of them!  If I cannot explain a complex concept simply, I need to know so I can improve. I enjoy being asked questions, and of course, if I don’t know the answer, I will not pretend either! I always go away and find out. These are really important qualities I seek in my mentors, who are constantly shaping and improving me along my journey. I know how important it is to find that ‘fit’ with a coach or mentor, so if my professional and personal values align with yours, lets start working together….Lisa X