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Rider Mindset Camp is a 6 week online programme to give you the ‘tools’ to get the results you dream of.  Watch and Listen to what other riders have achieved by doing the Rider Mindset Camp. 

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If you’re a functional rider looking to master your inner athlete, then the Rider Mindset Camp (RMC) is for you.

So what is Rider Mindset Training?

An online 6 week camp with a small group of riders who all want to achieve:

-A rider who is clear, calm, and knows how to perform at your best in training and competition.
-Destroy the beliefs which keep you stuck, replacing them with ones which allow you to fulfil your potential.
-Create pre-competition routines to overshadow your nerves at a competition/hack/handling etc.
-Show you how to be flawlessly consistent, so your progress doesn’t come in peaks and troughs
-How to map the action steps which stand between you and your goal so you have complete clarity on how and when you will achieve your biggest goals.
-How to achieve the goals you DREAM of, but don’t admit to yourself.
-Develop the focus, the underpinning of your rider brilliance.
-How to enter ‘The Zone’ – the peak state you struggle to get to now, but need to understand.

The entire process is online with weekly engagement and daily accountability for your progress. Riders in the camp are from all around the world and camp’s are small to learn from each other.

Please email lisa@equicoach.life to see if Rider Mindset Camp is a good fit for you.

Be the change your horse needs

Lisa x

Listen from riders who have completed the camp…

Meet Jen Brown-Watson Experience Before and After Rider Mindset Camp




Meet Ruth Caunce and what Mindset Camp did for her



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