Horses evolved as open-plain grazing prey herd species, so applying trickle feeding and continuous movement while foraging in your horse’s husbandry creates mental and physical benefits, thereby directly affecting training. Horses survived and evolved because of their awesome ability to perceive and respond to potential fearful stimuli, displaying the subtlest and inconspicuous signs of fear, anxiety, confusion and physical discomfort. Any lacking high levels of subtlety would be successful at becoming the next meal for a hungry predator! Thus evolving our modern day horse with exquisite subtlety, with the best trainers instantly recognising these subtle signs of fear, anxiety, and confusion, adjusting pressure and speed of training to facilitate relaxation.

Starting in January, I am delivering a series of workshops in the latest research from the field of Equitation Science, offering horse owners even more skills and opportunities to practice being the best they can be, for their horse. If there is enough interest I will live stream the workshops, or record the evenings so you can view them at a later date. Please comment below if you are interested. Thank you.

Lisa x

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